Sunday’s Train O’ Thought

After a catfight nearly broke out in the elevator (I swear if we got stuck everyone would be dead in five minutes) I am at work. Right now I’m supposed to be doing something, but I can’t really, and, I mean, I’d rather be writing here because I haven’t written since New Years and I got an email someone else followed me. I would also rather be doing homework and I will probably be doing that after this. Class started Friday (and we have MLK day off figure that out) so from now on it’s just a matter of time before the “Honeymoon” phase is over and there is all but one class left which I am tired of. And I only realize that after I think about it, oh, wait, no, this class is good. HOW ARE MY PROFESSORS? Well, one of them didn’t show up and another one is pretty sarcastic and arrogant but I can take that combo anyday as long as that teacher is funny and interesting. And she or he seems to be. Sarcastic, arrogant, and boring teachers are the worst. I haven’t any in my collegiate career so far. Ha, college is not a career, right? Yes it is. It so is. It’s a job at least, one that you pay for and may or may not pay you back. But Imma be good, I have no doubt. Oh my gosh my hair is so soft and has a great scent. Taking a shower WAS SO WORTH IT. I can bury my nose in my hair all day as an excuse not to talk to people. Sorry lady, I want to inhale this while it lasts. Excuse me sir, ask again in ten hours when I need to shower once more IF YOU CAN FIND ME HA.

I don’t even know what this blog/website is anymore.