Things People Told Me This Week: Saturday & Sunday

Saturday: “Yep.”

Aw come on man. You forgot. I wasn’t so bothered, but I wish I hadn’t gone out at all. I hope you enjoyed the warmth of the blanket I threw over you. I also kept our amigo from putting fake blood on you, though I’m not sure he would really have done it.

Sunday: “You’re a good actress.”

Moments ago! You’re nice, I wish I were a real actress, but maybe you said this because I was in a way fishing for compliments even though I was being truthful? I mean you’ve said it before, and I guess I can believe you mean it only ’cause you’ve seen me act. To clarify for readers, I’m not really an actress, but acting is fun. Especially on film.

I’m feeling strange tonight. I’m not letting myself feel bad, yet that leaves my head heavy with my mind running in a thousand different directions and I can’t study. I just want to be creative. I want to write here on wordpress, and write lyrics, and see if I can edit this shot of my best friend into something interesting and figure out my short film and everything I just can’t study.

But hey thanks for talking to me. You’re one of the few people that always make me really happy. But you’ll never know how much I quoted you. Haha.


Sara ♥

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