Hell Week No. 2

Yes, #2. I didn’t write about #1. But it was there and will linger on in my memory.

Well, hopefully not. I’m sitting in Hamon library and with my face up I can see the 7-11 sign framed in between two green lights that aren’t changing.

Coffee. Is wonderful there. But only in the mornings. At night, the place is warm and humid and the smell gagging. Can you find nourishment there? You can. But you must be sure to leave quick.

Anyways, here is the list of things I must do over today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

1) Write a screening report.

2) Write at least 7 pages of my Spring Breakers paper and do blog assignments.

3) Tomorrow Night: Finish filming Bernice. (That’s right! The last three scenes! It will be sassy!)

4) Study for math test on Wed.

5) Study for Production II Final on Wed.

6) Make rough cut of Bernice for class.

Optional (but good idea)

2) Write another abstract.

3) Do Math HW.

This is going to be great, boy am I excited, let’s give a Peggy Hill Ho-Yeah.

I hate reading academic texts, btdubs. Bye.

Bernice Shoot #1!

So last weekend was the first shoot of Bernice! We started Saturday, and honestly seeing the script come to action was a little rough for me! But my actors did a great job. Our first location was the dressing room in the Meadows basement. There were a lot of bright lights there and I kept all of them on in order to make the colors of the lamp, makeup, clothing, etc. pop. Then we went to shoot at my friend’s apartment. All I will say is the light from the window on the actors’ faces + incense smoke = such loveliness.

What I’ve Been Up To ;)

This semester has been oh SO stressful but I’m hoping will be worth it as I’m working on a couple of projects. One I started filming last weekend- it’s a short film with some friends that we’re hoping to enter into SMU’s Student Filmmaker’s Association Film Fest. I’m actually acting in that since we’re on a tight schedule and our actress couldn’t make it Sunday! The other is my own project that has gone through many ups and downs but I’m about to film this weekend. In between this I’m editing our Prod. II class’s commercial- which is tough and frustrating- AVID- what more need I say? I’ve also been working on the shoots of other people in my class which I have LOVED doing and were colorful and long and one involved me realizing my dream of being a mermaid😉 I think working on other people’s projects has solidified that this is what I want to do. It’s so exciting to see so many people come together to create something and it makes me realize that now I’m not alone in doing what I want to do. There’s definitely a difference between egging your friends to work on a video with you and being able to work with people who are as enthusiastic about film as you are. So while this semester seems to be beating me up, I’m thinking it’s all worth it.