Of friends, I am . . .

The one wearing a dress when everyone else is in t-shirts.

The one who isn’t busy and the one who can’t do anything.

The one who never has a boyfriend, but always wants one.

The one who will sit contentedly with her coffee in class, smiling and hugging the cup with her hands.

The one who will sit waiting with sprinkled ice cream on the “Meet A Friend” Bench, secretly wishing the bench will deliver, but cautious of the people passing.

The one who constantly, constantly searches for faces.

The one who wants everyone to eat whatever they want always and is sad when they don’t.

The one who is indecisive.

The one who rides highs and lows and can’t stop.

The one who wishes she was a better friend.

The one who wants to tell everyone everything and lie her body out naked.

The one who likes nothing better than to make her friends laugh.

The one who decided if she looks the part she can forget she doesn’t qualify.

The one who is realizing that isn’t working.

But I could go on.

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