Things People Told Me This Week : Monday Thru Friday

Monday: “You look like a punk I love it.” This made me happy. I hadn’t slept the night before except for three hours of tossing and turning on a plane. Despite being petite, there was still no way I could make myself comfortable on that plane seat. No way. I hoped my small frame would be able to twist and turn into a satisfying sleep position, but NO. I woke up like every ten minutes. So I had that grease airport hair going on, masked only by a headband bow pulling my bangs back (which are ceasing to be bangs at the moment so I need to cut them, they are like the female equivalent of unruly sideburns or something) the jeans, shirt, and black boots I had not changed out of, and my Fjallraven Kanken backpack as I was buying coffee and saw my friend. The shirt was a baseball sleeve endorsing the only campus organization I belong to. I don’t really wear t-shirts endorsing things but that organization is the film kid one, soooo😉 My mouth was cleaned solely by “Dentyne Ice” gum as well, so I was a dirty punk too😉 And my friend had also not slept or brushed her hair (even though it looked lovely!) so we were in the same boat. (Although I bet she had a toothbrush and a change of clothes.)
But anyway this made me happy because I love so-called “edgy” looks, but I will never really have one because I only have two holes pierced in my skin, one on each earlobe, and that is as far as I’m going. There’s also no way I’d ever be getting a tat, even though I admire them from afar.
I think I had a punk feel going on more than a look, so maybe she was just picking up on a vibe but I appreciate it.
Tuesday: “Because I miss you, we haven’t hung out.”
You are right we have not. But we will, on the morrow in fact. Also your hugs suck, even when you ask for them. I must remember to tell you in the future. You are a very upright creature, nothing wrong with that, but you must learn to loosen up a bit. Now I know I have my share of tension, held under my skin and in my eyes, so we will both work on this together, eh?
Wednesday: “But you want me to.”
Ah there are nothing like mixed feelings to bother you at night and keep you from talking during the day! But whatever. That sentence sounds serious but that whole conversation had me laughing, while I was attempting to finish an essay on time no less. You win for having two days of memorable convo.
You mumbled right my friend. I AM a mermaid. One day I’ll swim right out of this town.
Friday: “You don’t have to be ambitious.”
Ah, amigo, but I do. I must. I’m more ambitious than accomplished too and therein lies a problem. I have to hold on to ambition if I want to be successful, right? But you are young and please forgive me if I’m wrong, seem to have few worries, either because of your character or lot in life. There are many reasons I am choosing the path I am choosing. You’re right, it’s not about money, it’s more so I can say I did it, say at least I was able to accomplish that, if nothing else. You have accomplished much in your life insofar, I really haven’t. And of course I need to swim out of this town, which I told you and you understood.
P.S. If you are my friend and have googled me and found this blog and found I quoted you CONGRATULATIONS! That is something I would do. Also, you are all the best and I quoted you because I was thinking of you or what you said meant something to me.❤
Coming up : Saturday & Sunday!
Love again,

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