Reasons Why I Postponed Getting a New Phone

I’ve had problems from my cell phone for quite awhile, and had the option (with a little work) to get it replaced about 6 months ago. My little cracked iPhone 4 records very few phone calls missed or otherwise, cannot take new pictures (except through instagram), does not allow me to use the majority of my apps (but Facebook and Twitter live), often goes black except for a little white circle that spins until it dies (which can take hours), and, very importantly, DOES NOT receive or send texts except on the rare occasion.

Well that sucks, you’re thinking. Why the hell would you not get it replaced? Let me detail it for you below.

#1 I get less invites to do things.

Believe me, this is not because I don’t want to do things with friends. Also, I did announce on Facebook my phone does not text. I don’t think people understand though. I have been able to do MUCH MUCH MUCH less with friends since August than I would like to. A part of me knew six months ago I would feel better if I didn’t even see the texts than if I did and had to constantly be confronted with invites to do things I wouldn’t end up doing. I think that part of me was right, because it hasn’t been fun. But it would be a lot less fun with texting capabilities. This is the most important reason.

#2 I have had enough text flirting for a lifetime.

Texting is lazy and I have no desire for it in a relationship. It is an easier form of communication I do not prefer. My man will call me and text only on occasion (whenever whoever he is shows up that is.) So I guess this filters anyone who would just be texting me. Not that filtration has been an issue. My filter is clogged.

#3 I don’t want to talk to you.

There is only one person in particular I am very grateful I do not know whether or not they have been texting me the last six months. Before my texting absolutely died, I was getting some strange ones from them. This person was a negative impact on my life for too long. Out of sight, out of mind, truly.

#4 I have an issue with putting things off.

When I think of my flaws, this one is a biggie. I put things off often. Simple procrastination, sure. But also things I don’t want to confront. Even if I can I just choose not to, because I want to see how far I can let it go. I often feel like I don’t have much control or say in my life so I think this behavior is an attempt to exert some control. (Look at me analyzing myself.) Perhaps also I am afraid to give my best. Because if you don’t know what your best is you can’t be too disappointed with your abilities. I suppose putting off getting a new cell falls under simple procrastination though.

#5 My cell phone service provider changed my upgrade date.

I was supposed to get one in December, but SOME ENTITY changed its mind. Boo. So I have about another month to go. But I think I’ll survive.

Wish me luck,

Sara ♥